My name is Andrew, and I’m an engineer with a variety of manufacturing hobbies. I love design engineering as well as fabricating all sorts of industrial and consumer products.

I currently work for a DOE fusion lab, doing mechanical engineering. I have previously worked as a project engineer for a semiconductor equipment company; in R&D for a large manufacturer of optical fiber and fiber products; as a design engineer in the foundry equipment industry, and as a manufacturing engineer for an HVAC manufacturer. I have a BS in aerospace engineering from Boston University.

I’m a self taught machinist and welder, and I’m interested in virtually all types of manufacturing. I’ve designed (and in many cases personally made) all kinds of parts, assemblies, and machines ranging from optical fiber fixtures a few hundred microns wide and weighing grams, to 70 ton induction furnaces.

I started wcubed in 2015 and primarily ran job shop work as I planned out a line of watches I wanted to make. The more work I did, the more interested I got in making an affordable line of upgrades for common benchtop machines owned by hobbyists. I am currently working on ground up designs of a mill, lathe and grinder for hobbyists who want to do light production, aimed at aspiring machinists, bladesmiths, and other people who like tinkering in their garage or basement.

I am constantly looking at how to make new products, how to improve current products, and I love making stuff that solves peoples’ problems.

You can also check out my blog at https://andrewbaranwagner.com/. Updates on my machine design work and other projects are posted there.